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Good spinal alignment leads to improved health, enhanced performance and less pain. Chiropractic gives us more energy, maintain a healthy body and allows us to perform at our best; whether doing sport, sitting in an office, or during pregnancy.

"We treat the causes not the symptoms"

If your spine is misaligned (subluxations), it will interfere with your body’s central nervous system, which in turn controls and regulates every single cell in your body. Chiropractic is the entirely natural treatment of those subluxations and aims to improve your body function, reduce pain and improve health. Meet the Team or Contact Us to book an appointment and one of our staff will be in touch immediately

It takes 5 years of training to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and using the safest and most gentle scientific methods possible, we can ensure that adults and children can live healthy lives. Chiropractic is about whole body wellness, the reduction of back pain without the need for drugs, is a welcome side effect.

Chiropractors are autonomous primary care practitioners, competent to perform diagnostic triage. Here at Dynamic Health, we are qualified to take, as well as interpret, X-ray images and interpret reports from radiologists. When requesting imaging procedures, we will provide a clear diagnostic rationale, based on a well-founded clinical impression.

While chiropractors don’t just treat back pain, it is a large part of what we do. Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments we all encounter, while upper back and shoulder pain is also rife, often triggered by poor posture. The cause of pain is not always where we think it is, for example hips, legs and knees often hurt when our spine is out of alignment. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team will not only discover the cause of the problem and treat the symptoms, they will also advise you on the best way to avoid experiencing pain in the future.

We all suffer headaches and some unfortunately suffer migraines. There are many different causes, including stress, diet and environmental factors to tension and posture. Chiropractic is an extremely effective cure for headaches and migraines as, due to its holistic nature, we focus on the body as a whole, effectively rooting out the cause of the problem and correcting it.

Chiropractic has been helping families for decades, from pregnancy right through to adulthood. We use gentle techniques aimed to improve the function of your child’s spine, nervous system and cranial system. Babies grow quickly and it’s best to balance their spines and cranial system early, before compensation occurs.

"With increasing adverse reactions to drugs and a desire to find safe and natural solutions, chiropractic is a great choice for the whole family. "

The spine is the body’s highway for the central nervous system; all aspects of your body are controlled through it. Blockages can manifest through pain, discomfort or reduced mobility, and manipulating the spine can remove these blockages and return your body’s functions to normal.

At Dynamic Health we focus on health and healing of the whole body with the central nervous system at its core. Yes, individual symptoms will likely be alleviated but often the route cause is what’s at issue, and we are uniquely qualified to reach and treat that cause.

Our aim is for you to maintain ongoing health and vitality and each patient will receive an individual treatment plan to suit your particular needs. Please Contact Us to book an appointment and one of our staff will be in touch immediately.

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